About Us

We help companies meet their environmental initiatives by ensuring nothing but clean water comes from their facilities.

ChemiGreen Inc. is a Canadian company, based in Toronto, and its main focus is on keeping spills on-site. ChemiGreen's WI-Plug is a patented wireless spill containment system.


Our Mission


In conjunction with Spill Management Inc., ChemiGreen conducted a comprehensive market study to guide us in developing the best product to meet current environmental needs. We developed the WI-Plug - an ideal wireless solution for chemical spill containment, and followed it up with the Dock-Plug, filling the existing market gaps in environmental management systems due to its fast and safe activation. Moreover, the WI-Plug or Dock-Plug system provides an economical retrofit for existing drainage systems with an excellent ROI.

The Business of Environment Protection

In recent years, international standards such as the ISO 14000 series for environmental management systems, along with enhanced environmental regulations and fines, have made organizations more diligent about managing spills and releases. In North America alone, there are more than 50,000 spills every year. And once the chemicals reach the drains, it is certain that they will affect the environment. The damage to our environment and drinking water is devastating. Join the family of companies that make a difference, install the state-of-the-art WI-Plug or Dock-Plug and help protect our planet and save your company.

The fines and costs associated with cleaning up spills can reach millions of dollars and days of lost production. A simple tank overflow that spills chemicals into the drain system, can spell financial disaster for your company.


Executives and directors are personally liable for chemical spills, and regulators are increasingly enforcing this liability in courts. Moreover, an important factor of this liability is whether executives took appropriate preventive measures to mitigate the risk of the spills.


Finally, and perhaps most important, given the growing public awareness of environmental issues, taking appropriate measures to protect the environment can substantially enhance companies' image, while neglecting to do so is likely to stain their reputation. The WI-Plug or Dock-Plug can lower or dissipate all of these concerns!