Mesh topology:

The mesh topology used by ChemiGreen enable each drain to communicate with the coordinator using any other available unit on route. This means that a drain can talk either directly to the coordinator or via a repeater. This is done automatically and increases system robustness.

Level 1: PAN ID – Each ChemiGreen Install gets a unique PAN ID code. Only units with this code can communicate on the network.


Level 2: Encryption - Our wireless network is encrypted using an algorithm developed by Digi (Maxstream), the encryption code is unique to ChemiGreen and to each customer, and is military grade.



Level 3: Database - Each coordinator only communicates with remote / repeater / drain that are in its database. The database is NOT on the Radio chip but on a separate memory chip. The only way to change the database is via a USB connection using a unique code. For example if a remote is lost / stolen, upon reporting it ChemiGreen will remove it from the Database. Any attempt to activate the system using that remote will fail.








Used frequency:

The FCC approved band width for XBee chips is in the band of 2.400–2.484 GHz. Within that band the coordinator scans (upon installation) all legal channels (each channel takes 0.005Ghz). It then selects the most available channel (i.e. the least busy channel). It then slaves all other drain units to that channel. ChemiGreen uses less than 1% of the channel capacity at the peak of usage.

Accidental Activation:

The sender would need to have an identical Xbee address chip with the same encryption code. The chances of that is less than 1/(264) which is much less than 1 in a trillion.