ChemiGreen’s Smartbladder™ Solutions offer a number of competitive advantages:
1. Controls any quantity and type of chemical.
2. Minimal infrastructure costs.
3. Provides a quick response.
4. Does not expose employees to lethal chemicals.
5. An automated response and alert system.
6. Provides a 24/7/365 real-time monitoring.

Whereas both ChemiGreen Smartbladder Solutions and the standard valve solution operate by sealing drains, ChemiGreen retains several noteworthy advantages:

Flexibility – many location and pipes types inhibit from installing valves on some pipes. The WI-Plug is flexible and can be installed almost anywhere. A valve is very complicated to install in most underground pipes (most storm drains).
Reliability - Valves have low reliability under wet and winter conditions. Most require monthly maintenance. In most iced conditions, valves cease to work. Debris also inhibits their proper functionality.
Price — because ChemiGreen's WI-Plug does not require infrastructure, its installed unit cost is less than half that of the installed flap solution.
Installation Time — ChemiGreen's WI-Plug takes less than an hour to install. A motorized flap requires at best a full day to install and requires major changes in infrastructure.
Maintenance — ChemiGreen's WI-Plug needs one hour year maintenance, while flap solutions require lengthy maintenance to the motor and shaft.
Activation — ChemiGreen's WI-Plug will be automatically activated, comes with a built-in remote activation, and can be connected to existing alarm systems and cell phone and email systems. A motorized flap is activated by a manual switch and lacks communication capabilities.
Logging & Monitoring – The Chemigreen system, with the appropriate option will log and retain all pertinent system information

Category ChemiGreen Smartbladder Solution Dikes Oil and Water Separator Standard valve Emergency Mobile Solutions
Effectiveness in large spills No limitation on spill size Requires use of mobile solutions Not effective in large spills No limitation on spill size  Not effective in large spills
Drain size and flexibility 2 to 48 inches Outdoor drains only Large drains only Very complicated for underground pipes 4 to 36 inches 
Provision of alarm/alert system Yes No No No No
Types of chemicals addressed All  All Oils and fuels only All Product dependant
Deployment time < 1 second 5 to 30 min < 1 min > 5 min 5 to 30 min
Safety of operation  Safe Puts humans in close contact with chemicals Safe Safe Dangerous
 System cost Medium Low High High Very low
Installation cost Low High High Medium Low
Total cost Medium High High High Low