Sanimax Quebec, Canada

Sanimax is a fat rending facility. One of the oil tanks overflowed during a power shutdown. Attempts to contain the spill were made using sorbents. Due to the large amount of spilled oil the containment effort yielded partial success. The oil flowed into a storm drain and within minutes reached a nearby river. Costly cleanup operations were required.


ChemiGreen installed a WI-Plug in the outgoing pipe from the catch basin leading to the river. In case of another spill, the pipe can be plugged within seconds using a remote control system. This will allow personnel to contain thousands of liters with very little effort. The Qu├ębec ministry of environment acknowledged this solution as a proper remedy to the problem. It is safe to say that this sort of spill will not occur again. After installting the WI-Plug, Sanimax's Emergency Response Team activated the system during a training exercise; the bladder inflated within seconds and the outfall leading from the catch basin stopped its normal effluent flow indicating a 100% seal of the pipe.

The Catch Basin:

The catch basin where we installed the plug. Since there a full metal grate above the catch basin we can keep the WI-Plug visible from the top, in other cases we insert the plug into the pipe all the way as in St. Mary's cement. Notice the antenna cable is before laying cable conduit.


During training exercise post install, the bladder was inflated. Note, the three stainless steel rods that hold the Plug in place are connected using clip rings. This is now the preferred method (was not used in St. Mary's cement). Notice the rising water level.


A screen capture of the software from Sanimax's control room. On the right the plant photo can be seen with the red square indicting the location of the WI-Plug. The plug can be activated using either the remote or clicking the figure 1! On the left the WI-Plug status can be seen.