ChemiGreen Press Releases

Chemigreen Technologies Inc. announces significant product upgrade

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chemigreen Techologies Inc. is proud to announce a revolutionary, patent-pending upgrade to the internal mechanics of the already robust bladder components. The update is a unique combination of a specialized telescopic rod design with a spring component within the bladder. This produces an increase in responsiveness, strength, and durability of the unit, as well as significantly faster deflate times.

The increased power and robustness of the telescopic core mechanism will enable Chemigreen Technologies to produce bladders for much larger pipes than the current 36 inch (91.5 cm) interior diameter maximum.
All Chemigreen products will receive benefit from this upgrade, but the DockPlug product is expected to gain the most advantage, due to the continual nature of operation of the unit.

Chemigreen Technologies Inc. launches new R&D, Quality Assurance, and Training facility and introduces Wi-Plug Remote Air

Monday January 9, 2012 Chemigreen has recently completed its new R&D, Quality Assurance, and Training facility which features a 1:1 scale of a municipal grade catch basin laboratory module, featuring both continuous plant outtake pipe outflow with spill simulation, as well as rainfall and ground runoff water flow with corresponding spill simulation. This module is unique to Chemigreen, and is designed from the ground up to allow the company to perform precise testing, quality control, and development of its products under realistically simulated conditions in a controlled laboratory environment with the ability to perform repeated tests under identical conditions, as well as collect and analyze data which would be difficult or impossible to collect during field testing.

Wi-Plug Remote Air:
The remote air Wi-Plug system is new product, introduced to compliment the current Chemigreen line-up. Wi-Plug Remote Air is used when it is necessary to place the electronics and the firing mechanism outside of the drain, such as for Intrinsically Safe applications. Remote Air Wi-Plug is additionally easier to maintain and service, and has the capability for direct manual/emergency override, should it be required.

ChemiGreen Inc. announces strategic agreement with Newalta

Friday March 14,2011Toronto, Ontario ChemiGreen Inc. today announced that Newalta will use ChemiGreen's revolutionary spill containment systems in Canada and the U.S.

Recognizing that to date there has been no cost effective solution to spill containment, ChemiGreen Inc. developed an innovative, patented, wireless-activated inflatable plug system. The system's seal drains and outfalls within seconds of activation thus preventing irreversible damage to the environment. ChemiGreen's systems turn an emergency into a routine safe clean-up.

As Canada's leading industrial waste management and environmental services company, operating a North America-wide 24/7 emergency and urgent response network, Newalta saw an opportunity to adopt ChemiGreen's innovative solutions for use with its clients.

"The partnership with ChemiGreen gives us the opportunity to offer our customers an innovative solution that will reduce clean-up costs and expedite the time required to safely manage chemical spills," said Roger Bojanowski, Branch Manager of Emergency Response Services for Newalta.

ChemiGreen's new product, the Dock-Plug Spill Protection System, received $150,000 development grant from IRAP

Tuesday, June 29, 2010ChemiGreen Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the WI-Plug Wireless Spill Containment System is pleased to announce that it had received a grant of $150,000 from IRAP as a contribution towards the development of its new product, the Dock-Plug, Spill Protection System.

The Dock Plug is an automated multi-deployment system that is permanently installed in drains near loading docks. The Dock-Plug automatically activates once a truck moves into the loading dock. Once activated the Dock-Plug seals the drain completely thus prevents any potential chemical from entering the drain system should a spill occur during loading and unloading operations.

"Having IRAP awarding us with a development grant will help us in expediting the completion of the Dock Plug development and bring it to market earlier than was originally expected.

ChemiGreen is expanding, moving to new facilities and increasing significantly its production capabilities

Thursday, September 29, 2009ChemiGreen Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the WI-Plug Wireless Spill Containment System, is announcing today that it has moved into its new R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Our new facilities will increase our production capabilities to up to 200 systems per month and will meet the future demands of our customers. "In addition the new facilities will give an opportunity to our growing R&D team to work on new and exciting environmentally friendly products."

ChemiGreen's new address is:

40 Magnetic Dr. Unit 70-16
Toronto Ontario, Canada
M3J 2C4
T: 416 739 9815

ChemiGreen in the latest issue of Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine

Friday, December 11, 2009ChemiGreen Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the WI-Plug Wireless Spill Containment System, is proud to announce that the Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine had chosen to publish in its latest edition an article about ChemiGreen and its unique solution to spill containment, the WI-Plug.

The article "Keeping spills on-site with wireless technology" can be found in the news section.

Having this article in the most recognized environmental magazine in North America gives ChemiGreen recognition to its unique position in the spill containment industry.

About ChemiGreen.

ChemiGreen Inc. is a Canadian company, and its main focus is on keeping spills on-site.
ChemiGreen's unique, world first Wireless Spill Containment System contains spills by blocking drains and outfalls during environmental emergencies, thus protecting the environment. The WI-plug system commander is programmed to immediately send a signal to the wireless plug (WI-PLUG) to block the discharge from entering the drainage system.

The WI-PLUG immediately deploys, and contains the spill. At the same time the system commander will transmit an alarm to the plant's Control Centre. Simultaneously, key-personnel are notified of the incident by e-mails.

The system turns an emergency into a routine clean-up.

The unique WI-Plug uses a bladder that can be inflated and deflated when needed. The WI-Plug can be easily installed at any type and size of pipe, including underground. The entire system is wireless and can be controlled by a PC computer, alarm system, sensors and hand-held remotes.


ChemiGreen Inc. has completed and successfully deployed its Wi-Plug Wireless Spill Containment System at major Industrial facilities in Ontario

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 ChemiGreen Inc., a Canadian company, announced today that after two and a half years of intensive R&D activities, it completed and successfully deployed its Wi-Plug Wireless Spill Containment System at major Industrial facilities in Ontario. ChemiGreen's spill containment technology is now operational at St Marys Cement Inc. in St. Marys, Ontario, and Timken Canada LP in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The main purpose of the unit deploying and providing spill containment was achieved, said Dave Hunking, Health & Safety coordinator at St Marys Cement Inc. We were able to inflate the bladder and stop all flow from the facility using the remote control unit from within our facility," said Randolf Fredrick, manufacturing engineering manager for Timken Canada. "We were able to remotely deflate the unit and open the storm sewer afterwards. The unit was easily removed, reset and put back into normal operational mode.

The results of these successful installations and a recent additional large injection of capital by a private investor gives ChemiGreen Inc. the ability to offer it's unique wireless chemical spill containment system to facilities across Canada. ChemiGreen Inc is also continuing its R&D programs to create additional unique products to protect our environment.

PCT Approved

Monday, April 27, 2008 ChemiGreen's application for patent with the Patent Corporation Treaty (PCT) has been approved. This gives ChemiGreen a very good indication that our national and international patent applications will also be approved in PCT member countries such as Canada, USA and the European Union.

CANECT Show in Toronto

Friday, September 26, 2008 ChemiGreen Inc. launches a world first, Wireless Spill Containment System, at the CANECT Show in Toronto. ChemiGreen Inc., a Canadian company, had introduced the world's first wireless spill containment system, the Wi-Plug, during the recent CANECT Conference and Exhibition in Toronto, Ontario.

Our Wi-Plug system is moving spill containment into the 21st century. Installing Wi-Plug systems will make sure that chemicals do not reach our water systems and at the same time will save organizations the cost of cleanup and potential fines.

This new innovation had received praises from many of the exhibition attendees.