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West Virginia
Chemical Spill 
 That was the setup in West Virginia last week when a chemical spill contaminated a river supplying water to hundreds of thousands of people.
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ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE: Reporting Hazardous Spills
 What Are Your Legal Obligations? You've just discovered an oil slick under one of your trucks. It looks like an oil leak.
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Directors face prospect of unlimited liability in pollution case
By The GlobeAndMail.comA battle over who should pay to clean up the toxins that leaked out of a factory in Southwestern Ontario
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Chemical Spill Containment For The 21st Century
By Environmental Science & EngineeringThe US National Response Center and Environment Canada report that on average there are more than 40,000 reported spill events annually
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By Environmental Science & EngineeringChemical spills are regrettably, still one of the most neglected issues within the clean technology marketplace. These spills occur
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new Hazardous Substances added to emergency regs
By Ministry of the EnvironmentFacilities that handle these 41 listed substances at or above regulated quantities are required to develop environmental emergency (E2) plans. ... read
Spills into Nottoway River net $1 million in penalties
By Norfolk Virginian PilotThree companies that run a chemical plant in Franklin have agreed to pay more than $1 million in penalties for a series of toxic spills into the ...
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SENES Consultants Limited: Rendered Opinion
Dr. Nava Garisto Dr. Nava Garisto is a risk assessment expert in the field of environmental compliance. As a part of her job she assesses the compliance level
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Chemical spill threatens China's water supply
By chemical spill that contaminated a river in southern China, threatening the water supply of millions of people, is sparking calls by environmental
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Mill Creek chemical spill cleanup cost $4 million+
By www.kelownacapnews.comIt's cost more than $4 million, but an army of scientists, ecologists and other specialists was mustered by Univar Canada to battle the chemical spill that ... read
Pollution Prevention
(P2) Plans
By 4 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) gives the Minister of the Environment the authority to require the preparation
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the great canadian environment survey
By Guy CrittendenAlmost a quarter of organizations (21.5%) experienced a spill in the last 12 months; 78.5% did not. Roughly half (52.1%) of reader businesses ...
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