Frequently Asked Questions DOCK-Plug


Do employees need specialized training to operate the system?

Very basic.

Is deployment failure monitored?


Will the system work while submerged?


Can the system handle any type of chemical?



Can you print a status report?

An upgrade is availible for advanced reporting functions.

How does the Dock-Plug sleeve connect to the drain pipe?

The protective sleeve connect to the drain pipe in two ways: one way grippers to ensure water pressure can't push sleeve and a unique type of O-ring seal to ensure water does not flow between the sleeve and drain pipe.

How low in the drain can it be installed?

No limit to the depth.


How often do you have to inspect the Dock-Plug to insure that the system is operational as per requirements?

The system has a built in inflation counter and warning - recommendation is once a year.

How many drains can be connected to the same network?

Up to two per control panel.


How many sensors can be connected to the same plug?

Virtually unlimited, upgraded in increments of 8.

What are the different ways the Dock-Plug can be activated?

Manual, automatic & sensor deployment.

Will typical debris interfere with the operation of the bladder?


Can you deflate the bladder once cleanup is complete?


Would we get a reduction in insurance costs should we install Dock-Plug system? How much?

Each case is unique; in some cases a deduction in premium or deductibles is possible.

What kind of pressure can the bladder hold?

The Dock-Plug can hold more then 30 psi, which translates to 60 feet of water above it.

Can the system work in harsh weather conditions?